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March 26, 2009

Clayton Car License Plates

"Clayton had these small license plates which were issued to residents; the 'poor condition' one is dated 1954 and the other is 1970. They were to be affixed under your front state license plate. We have to assume they were used instead of 'city stickers' during that time span."
--- David Bales

Source: From the collection of David Bales
license plate

1960's - Streetcars

"This area is a ROW (right of way), running North and South, in the 1960's for the streetcars shown. The streetcars are called 'PCC's which identifies the LAST type of such cars manufactured for this country before the present MetroLink type LRV's came into existence.

Notice in the distance, behind the cars, is the bridge crossing over the"old" FPPW onto Central Ave. In 2009, the exit ramp from the "new" FPPW is exactly at this point, also crossing MetroLink.

Currently, this land area in 2009, is directly behind Meramec School... the school is to the left and down the limestone embankment.

To the right----East----is the condos at the end of North Polo Drive.

The sign shown - Walinca - identifies the original name of the street which still runs today from Polo Drive to the end. "

--- David Bales

Source: From the collection of David Bales
Circa 1960's