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April 30, 2009

1930's - Meramec at Shaw Park Drive

"These photos were purchased from the Missouri Historical Society. The first picture is identified as being 1935. I believe that is incorrect, it probably was 10 years earlier, or at least somewhat earlier. Notice there is the "Meramec" sign on the utility pole. The second photo seems to not have a sign, which we can't explain. The rail line is at a rising-angle and we know in olden times there was a rail bridge crossing Brentwood Boulevard. The street going down hill to the right would correspond with Shaw Park Drive, even as it is now. The #1 photo is shot at a southwest angle, but #2 is shot straight south. The broken "support shaft" on the utility pole shows in both photos----no homes across the rail line in the #1 photo but they show in #2 photo. Also, there is a telephone line on the far side of the rail line and a primitive street light at the intersection. So, I believe photo #2 may be 1935 but the #1 photo was earlier. If you study photo #2 carefully, there is an obvious large tree at the left center and UNDER the tree can be seen a house in the distance. Because of depth-of-field of a camera, the tree is close to the intersection, and the home is farther away than the photo shows. The home has a large limestone arch around the front door. I went looking for that house in Davis Place and found it! It is 8010 Rosaline Drive, which is the second block South of the Forest Park Parkway and MetroLink nowadays. In 1935, the visual from the Meramec corner is without obstruction. The view would be impossible nowadays."
--- David Bales

Source: Photos from David Bales collection
Photo #1 - Meramec at Shaw Park Drive (southwest view)

Photo #2 - Meramec at Shaw Park Drive (south view)

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