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August 5, 2009

1953 and 1951 - Stevenson's Gas Station

"This view is to the WEST with Skinker Road shown in front, Clayton Avenue would be on the left and rear of the station and Clayton Road is on the right. This station was torn down in 1959-60 and a new service station was erected. Nowadays, the brand of gas is BP but the sign was such a landmark that special permission was obtained to keep the present Amoco sign. "
--- David Bales

Source: Newspaper clip from the collection of David Bales
1953 gas station

gas station

Source: Private collector
1951 postcard

August 4, 2009

Esquire Bowling Lanes

Location: Clayton Road at Big Bend
Source: Private collector
Date unknown

1927 - N. Central Avenue

Source: Private collector
1927 - Looking north

Date unknown - S.E. corner of N. Central at Forsyth Avenue

1907, 1930 and 1951 - St. Louis County Court House

Source: Private collector

Date unknown

1930 postcard


The Taylor School

Location: N. Central and Kingsbury. The school and building no longer exists. The location is now Taylor Park.

Date unknown

Barford Chevrolet

Date unknown

Clayton High School

Date unknown

1940 - New Clayton Post Office Branch

Source: Private collector

1959 and 1957 and 1930 - St. Louis Institute of Music (former orphanage)

The Institute was founded in 1924 by J. P. Blake Sr. It was originally known as "The Progressive Series Teachers College". It was also known to be an orphanage home at one time. The address of the Institute was 7801 Bonhomme Avenue - Clayton 5, Missouri. This was at the intersection of Bonhomme and Bemiston. The building does not exist any longer.

Source: Private collector - 1957

Source: Private collector - 1930 postcard