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October 25, 2009

1911 - Autenreith Hotel and Hotel Claymo

Location: N.E. corner of Forsyth at N. Meramec Avenue
January 2, 1911 Fire at Autenreith Hotel

January 2, 1911 Fire at Autenrieth Hotel

The Autenreith Hotel was rebuilt after the 1911 fire. The name changed to the Hotel Claymo in 1924 when the hotel was sold to Joseph Parks, according to Dickson Terry. It ceased to be a hotel in the late 1920's. It became an office building for General Title Company, and then the Bond Clothing Company occupied the space from 1950 to 1957. It was returned to office space for the Chicago Title Company.

Source: Private collector
Postcard - Date unknown

Source: Private Collector
1930 postcard

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